Up at 6.00am, bleurgh… I am so not a morning person but after 3 wake up calls, one from the hotel, one from my slave and one from my iPhone I drank my fresh ginger and lemon with warm water and jumped in a taxi to my Hot yoga class. Bikram yoga is not for pussies. If you imagine yoga to be gentle stretching think again, It’s the hardest, thing I do when training and I train bloody hard! You sweat buckets too, all those toxins pump out of your body, anyone with a sweat or smell fetish would be in heaven in there. Straight after that I did Body pump at the gym then over to my Pedicure lady .

She does the best walk in pedicures in the fastest time so even though I don’t really like her I keep going back. She’s a Diva, bossy, opinionated, gossipy and sometime she rips me off for a few dollars. She’d make a successful findom but the universe tricked her into being at at people’s feet instead of the other way round and it seems like she resents that. Whatever, horses for courses. I just need pretty feet. I chose deep purple coloured nail polish in preparation for my foot worship session that afternoon. After the mornings tough workout a foot slave was just what I needed. I deserved it. I adore my feet being pampered and played with. My favorite way to be woken up is with a Earl Grey tea, marmite on toast and a foot massage. Being a Foot Goddess is just awesome. I cannot imagine a more heavenly way to make a living.

After that I did a phone consult for a couple who wanted to see me, I always insist on speaking to both parties before I even discuss a double session. One, to make sure she actually exists and I am not giving some dude a free phone session while he gets off. Freeloading timewasters are the crosses we Dommes have to bear. They should be compulsorily castrated. The second reason is to check she is cool with the scenario. I won’t do it if she seems dubious in anyway. I have turned down quite a few sessions because I felt that the female was being pressured into it. For it to be an enjoyable scene everyone playing has to be totally consenting.

Later on I did another skype session, hypnosis on a guy from Chicago. If foot worship is the most leisurely way to session, then hypnosis is the most challenging. Obviously it’s completely mental. To control someone else’s mind you have to control your own. Complete focus is required even if the session is just a hypnosis roleplay. You need to tune into the mind of your sub and feel connected to each other. He was very pleased with the session. Think my crisp British accent sealed the deal. I could have done a session that night but he hadn’t made an appointment and I was already in chill out mode. I understand the need to play sometimes arises spontaneously but the more notice you give your Mistress the more she will appreciate it and the more likely you are to get an unrushed well organised session. I always wonder where those clowns are coming from when I see a text at 2am asking if I’m available. Do they think we Dommes stay up all night waiting for sessions? Boots and strap on next to us, ready to rush out when they call?


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