I was living in NYC when my best friend and fellow domme arrived home with a pair of these informing me her slave had bought them for their anniversary present. I have to admit it wasn’t love at first sight. I thought they were preposterous, a butt plug for a heel? What the hell? What type of slut would wear such a thing?

Hmm….. It took me about an hour of watching her parade about in them before they started to grow on me and after a while i decided it was essential I had a pair in my collection too. There was one problem, they were only made in leather and I’m vegan, no animal products in my life thank you very much….. even my whips are cruelty free, until I use them that is. Through twitter I contacted Stuart the erotic and creative director at Ainsley-T and he offered to make a special Vegan pair just for me.

Then a slave I haven’t met yet, who is known on the scene as “the Hong Kong slut” offered to sponsor them. They might look slutty but they are certainly not cheap. They were the star of my latest video that I made in Hong Kong with my Chinese slave girl and I think the boys in the trampling cage at Club Pedestal loved them too. I’m addicted and am now coveting a second pair in black with chrome heels or maybe in baby-pink with the plexiglass heel.

Here they are in action, up in a glass bottomed cable car, Hong Kong.

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