I never ever work on the Sabbath.  Don’t presume because I’m a Dominatrix I don’t have solid Christian values, the Lord gave us Sunday as day of rest and prayer and we should respect that!…… blah de blah de blah… Obviously that’s bollocks. I don’t often work on Sunday partly because many of my slaves are with the wifey at the weekends  but mainly because I am usually recovering from Saturday night or still partying. I am very much an all or nothing person. I could never have 3 glasses of prosecco and call it a night. When I go out to play it’s often a 2 day affair.  What can I say? I’m an extremist.  At the moment though I’m on a fitness bender.  I need to look my stunning best for my video shoot, so I’m on Detox. No coffee, alcohol, carbs, sugar or processed food. I’m also a vegan full time and never eat meat or dairy.  Lots of green juice, salads and exercise are the way forward.

Today I hiked Mount Steinhouse on Lamma island. It’s a 5 hour Hike and one the toughest in HK. The trail went through the jungle at some points, and disappeared at others so we had to hang on the trees to avoid sliding or falling down the mountain. One of the things I love about HK is that beaches and mountains are in such easy reach from the city. I am totally a city girl but I love escaping to nature to recharge.

After the hike while the others drank self congratulatory beers I sipped on a lime soda then went to see Frenchy Dog who used to be my personal slave in HK when I lived here. Personal slaves can be a God send but often subs who want to be one are a bloody nuisance. Many want to get into it because they think  they get to see a Mistress for free. Yeah right. The reality is personal slaves often end up paying much more unless they have a skill that the Mistress needs. Web slaves are the most important, behind many successful Dommes will be her web dude, doing all the essential but tedious stuff that takes up Mistresses valuable time.  I finally have an amazing one and he’s worth his weight in diamonds. Frenchy Dog was more of a good all rounder, he was a certified masseur, great at DIY, he would join in on sessions if required and trot over the border to China to pick up merchandise I had ordered. He did pretty much anything I commanded him to do really which it is exactly what you want in a sub. Too many of them have nothing to offer or are thinking about what THEY want rather than how they can serve ME . I will be writing later in this blog how to become a personal slave but back to Frenchy Dog. When I left HK he was left uncollared, a stray dog with no purpose just sniffing about. Then he got onto the scent of another Western lady on the fetish scene In HK. He was trying to persuade her to adopt him. She called for my opinion so we had a nice little meeting overlooking the South China seas resulting in her accepting him on a trial basis. It was, I must say a most civilized bit of human trafficking on a Sunday afternoon. After that I went back home and did a skype session with a cute French adult baby, looked at few things on Amazon for my video then had an early night in preparation for the hecticness ahead.


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