“Nanny Prudence adores looking after her big babies”

Nanny Prudence’ Nursery specialises in ageplay and sissy sessions for Adult Babies and Nappy/Diaper Lovers


After a heavy week stressed out at work starting with the rush hour, meetings, budgets, conference calls and deadlines not forgetting personal family issues and the general day to day pressures of modern day living do you sometimes just wish you could go back in time to when things were a whole lot simpler?

Back to when you were little and most of your day was taken up by playtime. When a lost dolly or teddy bear was your biggest daily drama. When the worst thing that could happen in a week was that you wet your nappy or spilt rice pudding down yourself?

But you never had to worry because Mummy was always there to clean you up, wipe your tears away and make everything better with kisses and cuddles until everything felt happy and sunny and safe again.

“My name is Nanny Prudence and I can be your Mummy, Nanny , Nurse or Babysitter. I specialise in infantilism. I understand the psychology of adult babies and their needs. I thoroughly enjoy acting out the various ABDL roleplays and have the right experience to be convincingly authentic. Just as importantly I am also loving and tactile enough to make your time with me a realistic scenario or regression. Nanny also has a very caring Manny/Daddy who can join sessions if you wish.”

However, my kindness is not weakness and I am not a soft touch. As with all good nannies,

I will ensure little ones behave well. I will administer appropriate, thoughtful punishments when necessary (if you so wish).

Sessions can be held in a domestic setting in London or Brighton.

I am well equipped with bottles, pacifiers, outfits for boys and girls, disposable and terry nappies, plastic knickers, onesies, tutus and more!

So what will happen in a session?

Sessions from 1 hour up to overnight can include:

  • Nappy/Diaper Changes
  • Baby Massage
  • Baby bath time
  • Dressing up
  • Feeding
  • Nap time
  • Play time

Nanny is happy to improvise and is also very open minded and would love to hear your ideas for a session.

I also wish to add, I have spent many years working as a dominatrix  and am happy to blend ABDL sessions with all aspects of fetish for the not so pure babies.


The best place to see Nanny Prudence is her domestic setting in Brighton where all the ABDL toys. nappies and clothes are kept although Nanny can travel to babysit.