Domme Daughters & Sisters

My favourite perk of Femdom lifestyle is the privileged to meet all the other Powerful Kinky Dommes around the World.  I love and admire strong creative Women who don’t give a damn what people think of them or their hustle. Dominatrices with their free spirits and kinky minds  living their  lives as they please as they jet set about are fascinating company and I love being a part of this elite community. 

With social media and touring Mistresses are so much more visible and easier to contact. Through  Twitter I now know  hundreds. It’s definitely made it easier to meet My Domme Crushes. Yes Mistresses have them too. I’ve had my share and am also extremely flattered when some younger Mistress tells Me I was an influence when they were starting out. 

Sometimes you meet another Domme and just click.  You feel that as well as there being a  professional relationship there will be a friendship outside of work too. Some of these Dommes, especially the younger ones, I feel protective to and I call them my Domme Daughters. in return they call me Mummy or Mummy Von Kink. I love it but with others t there is more of a sister vibe. Here are some of my favourites ladies that I love to session, party and just hang out with. 


Lola is my favourite kinkstress to work with in Brighton & London. She also comes on tour with me to the Middle East and Singapore.

She is a highly educated English Rose, super sensual with a wild kinky side who can be Domme or sub.

Lola is also excellent at role play and we have acted out some superb scenarios. My favourite is Myself as the Air B & B homeowner, Lola as my slutty daughter & you as out guest. Seduced by Lola, caught by me and punished by us both. Imagine being taken from behind by my strap on while Lola gives you oral pleasure…. Or perhaps you want to serve both of us or be punished alongside her. The possibilities are Infinite.

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