Fetish Art

Orgy in the Waldorf Astoria…. (when in New York)

I also shot these photos in Manhattan. As we were shooting in my hotel hallway a suave American gentleman passed by then walked back towards us. I thought he was going to complain about me being scantily clad but he invited me and my photographer Mickphoto to use his suite to take more photos.

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Fetish Art with Sardax and Erophoria

Next stop was Montreal
Why would I go there in February when its -25C?

Well I have personal reasons and also because because that’s where erophoric.com are located. They got me started shooting video in the Summer of 2013 just after I left NYC. Before then I had no videos of me at all. Now I have four shot by Erophoria and two by Hong Kong’s House of Satyr and am waiting for another one shot by them to be edited and also shooting another there in 10 days time. Here are all the finished ones in a continuous stream .

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