Isabelle Big & Strong

I think Isabelle has now retired but I last saw her 7 years ago while I was living in Amsterdam. I first met her when I went to enquire about renting space from her when I relocated there for a year. She ran from her impressive set up which was a gorgeous 5 story canal house in the heart of the ‘Dam.

As well as a fully equipped dungeon, there was an Egyptian Boudoir, an ABDL nursery and a wrestling room. When I first saw her she reminded me of that movie poster, Attack of the 50ft woman. Dutch girls are super tall but at 6’3” she was exceptionally so, added to the fact that she’s a trained competitive wrestler and you definitely would not want to mess with her. She had once been awarded the title of “Officially the strongest Dominatrix in the world” but despite this she was wonderfully feminine and pretty and had a sweet little girlie voice. She also did regular Dominatrix sessions in her dungeon but about 80% of her sessions were wrestling. Throwing guys over her shoulder, crushing their heads between her powerful thighs or just lying on top of them till they went purple. Isabelle invited me to train with her and her new recruits. Of course I jumped at the chance. It’s a great domme skill to incorporate into roleplays and great self defence. I was taught various holds and throws, headlocks and double scissors were my favourite, it was a great workout too.

There are three different levels, Fantasy wresting is what I did, where no force can be used against you. Semi competitive which is for the Dommes with quite a bit of training where your partner can use limited force against you and fully competitive where it’s an all out battle, no holds barred. Usually ladies at this level were professional female wrestlers who got into this to make extra cash. It takes dedication to get to this rank. As the subs who are into to it are often into humiliation I often got to watch and spent many an afternoon, smoking Amsterdam’s finest and sipping Rosé watching Isabelle pulverise some poor bastard. Too funny but a wonderful example of how she used her god given assets to become a Goddess and make a great living.

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