…As she is also known because of her supreme booty – is the best Mistress I have ever sessioned with – and also my bestest friend.

We were introduced in Hong Kong by a mutual client who “just knew we would get on” We did…. and I immediately decided I should move to New York to live with her. The rest is history. I stayed with her in the East village from 2011 till 2013 and that time definitely ranks as one of the most fun but totally mental periods of my life. We shared her tiny apartment and pretty much everything else.

It was wild.

We often used to suspect we were in a kinked up version of The Trueman Show cos so much craziness was happening every day. It had to be a setup! I know everyone’s wacko in NYC but this was far out even by New York standards. But who am I to talk? I was on the rampage, looking for trouble. Mistress Evelyn joined in but stayed on track.

She is multi faceted and works as an actress, model and musician. Right now she is focusing on her music. She’s a soprano and sings as well plays bass and keyboards in 4 NYC bands. Her life revolves around art and making it and she has been a massive influence on me. She’s a committed New Yorker so she’s still there while I’m now back in the UK for a bit. We can’t stay apart for long though and still meet up round the world to travel, session, make art and party.

Our next tour together is of Hong Kong and India starts on April the 17th

Here we are.

So my last NY trip was as eventful as ever, I appeared on stage with Evelyn’s band, dressed as a Dominatrix nurse. The band wrote a song called Detox Darling, inspired by my frequent detoxing and I agreed to join her band and say (not sing!) my words as it was Evelyn’s birthday. The song is cool and so we’re going to make a video to go with it… Fetish of course with Kitty Kwok my HK slave girl. This will be shot in Hong Kong this month and I will be blogging about it as it happens.

If you want an idea of how artistic and bizarre Evelyn’s music is this is Princess Ass opening her show In New York City.

I told you she had a Supreme Booty.

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