My Diary

A week in the life… #Dommelife #SundayBloodySunday

SUNDAY I never ever work on the Sabbath.  Don’t presume because I’m a Dominatrix I don’t have solid Christian values, the Lord gave us Sunday as day of rest and prayer and we should respect that!…… blah de blah de blah… Obviously that’s bollocks. I don’t often work on...

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A week in the life… #Dommelife #ManicMonday

MANIC MONDAY Up at 6.00am, bleurgh... I am so not a morning person but after 3 wake up calls, one from the hotel, one from my slave and one from my iPhone I drank my fresh ginger and lemon with warm water and jumped in a taxi to my Hot yoga class. Bikram...

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A week in the life… #Dommelife #RubyTuesday

RUBY TUESDAY Up again for hot yoga, then in the gym for TRX and a 5K run on the treadmill! I am so on it, I am domming myself back to my peak physical prime. I might post before and after pics when I am done.   I’m craving though…for a baguette  filled with Linda...

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