Sissy Seductress

A male in the streets – A sissy slut in the sheets

International Sissy Coach & Slut Trainer

Hello Boys and Girls. Welcome to my Sissy Seductress page.

In this essentially testosterone fuelled driven environment it’s essential for the spiritual well being of some modern males to find a safe place to drop their masculine alpha act. To be able to fall into a sea of pink and commence sissy therapy. Embracing their comforting femininity, truly relaxing as they allow their delicate gentle submissive yin part of their personality to shine.

Of course, this is not as easy as it seems. Although one might sometimes imagine the fairer sex have it easy, it takes a lot to look gorgeous and not like something out of a pantomime. It takes time, coaching, effort, and practice to learn how to make up and dress. How to act is also something that needs to be learned. Everything from walking, talking, speaking and serving can be taught to sissies who I feel are worthy and have the makings of a good sissy slut, sissy maid or both. Once we have mastered the basics we can move on to an even more exciting agenda

Naturally, there are some sissies are reluctant to do what is right for them and refuse to admit their tendencies. This compels me to sometimes have to enforce feminisation if I believe it is what is truly needed. This is where my dominant character comes into play. Sissies who refuse to accept what I feel is in their best interests will be dealt with most seriously.






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