Sissy Seductress

A male in the streets – A sissy slut in the sheets

International Sissy Coach & Slut Trainer

Hello you lucky little sissy slut. I have everything you need & desire.

In this essentially testosterone fuelled environment it’s essential for the spiritual well being of some modern males to find a safe place to drop their masculine alpha persona.  To be able to fall into a sea of fluffy pink &  commence sissy therapy. Embrace their comforting femininity & truly relaxing as they allow their delicate gentle submissive yin part of their personality to shine.

Of course, this is not always easy to accept you have sissy tendencies.  Males are taught that the term sissy is a slur. An offensive term to hurl at them whenever they show weakness or emotion.   It takes a lot for a man to accept he is a sissy. Luckily for you, it is much easer these days for sissies to find an understanding mentor like myself who will make you realise, showing emotion, being in touch with your feminine side & allowing yourself to be who you want to be are all wonderful positive things. 

With sissies, often my first job is to remove shame from the feeling of wanting to be a sissy. To come to terms with the fact that you want to dress up, wear make up and act like a slut. Many sissies I see have already passed this preliminary stage but for others they still have feelings of guilt and fear. If this is the case I spend a lot of time working through this until you are comfortable  enough to have fun with your fetish. This is when the fun & the hard work starts. 

Although one might sometimes imagine the fairer sex have it easy, it takes a lot to look gorgeous and not like something out of a pantomine.  It takes time, coaching, effort & practice to learn how to make up & dress. How to act is also something that needs to be learned. Everything from walking, talking, speaking & serving can be taught to sissies who I feel are worthy & have the makings of a good sissy slut, sissy maid or both. Once we have mastered the basics we can move on to an even more exciting agenda

Naturally, there are some sissies are reluctant to admit they are sissies & refuse to admit their tendencies. They want to be forced into  feminisation, These situations often work well in a roleplay. I will be listing sissy role plays at the foot of this page after my sissy training chapters.






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