She was not Fragile like a Flower - She was Fragile Like a Bomb

International Dominatrix

 British Queen – Fetish Actress – Taboo Role Plays

Foot Goddess – Sissy Coach – Mature Mistress

Brighton Based
Tours to London – Bahrain – Dubai – Singapore – Hong Kong


I am a naturally Dominant English Lady. Glamorous, Kinky, Potent, Free spirited & Hedonistic. From a young age I knew I was a Queen would rule others. the Femdom lifestyle was a calling. My destiny.

I started my reign in 1993. I was the first Domme in Hong kong. I relocated to Amsterdam, NYC, Montreal then London. I am now based in Bohemian Brighton. My Gypsy soul can’t stay put for too long though so I tour often, especially in the British Winter. My upcoming tour dates are at the foot of this page.

The FemDom Fetish lifestyle was my Destiny

I came from a long line of Matriarchs & like many Alpha Females, my powerful personality revealed itself early. Naturally I started bossing & manipulating from a young age. I was also extremely curious about anything sinful & loved to snoop. This is how I discovered a family member was a Mistress. I was shocked but also thrilled with the knowledge that males had such weaknesses that could be exploited. The seed was sown……..

I left school, modelled for 3 years. A fetish modelling assignment led to fetish parties & once again I started thinking about becoming a Pro Dom. I started plotting & everything fell into place.  I’m now in my third decade of Femdom Rule & have no intention of quitting. I have never considered another lifestyle. I adore the Power, the Money, the Freedom & the Fun. The Dressing up & Theatrical nature of the Fetish industry. Being privy to dirty little secrets. The Bizarre situations down the Rabbit hole. Being part of the International Fetish Community, sessioning & partying in exotic locations. Most of all, I love that I am privileged to meet other Dominatrices around the World. We are a rare breed. Bewitching, Fearless, Female Supremacists, living life on own terms. Life as a Jetset Dominatrix is a Trip. Decadent. Enchanting. Fascinating.