She was not Fragile like a Flower - She was Fragile Like a Bomb

International Dominatrix

   Foot Goddess   Fetish Actress    Femme Fatale    Taboo Breaker    Sissy Coach   

Mature Mistress     StepMother Seductress 

Southport – Brighton –  London – Beirut – Bahrain – Dubai – Singapore – Hong Kong


I am a Bohemian British Seductress. Dominant, glamorous, Alpha, kinky.  A  free spirit and a natural born Femme Fatale.
At a young age  I discovered My Fierce Femininity enabled Me to tease and torment boys for my own amusement. As the years progressed it became quite clear I would rule over males. To influence and manipulate them was My calling. 

If you are imagining me to be a stereotypical Mistress, a cold sadistic Bitch who only wants to hurt and humiliate you, think again.  Sessions can be sensual, erotic, therapeutic & life enhancing.  Yes, I demand to be in charge and you will do as I say. But time spent with me can include fetishes, fantasies, cross dressing, kink, tease and taboo. BDSM is only a fraction of my repertoire.  As much as I am a Dominatrix I’m also a Fetish Actress specialising in role play.  A Goddess who demands to be worshipped and a Therapist who derives great satisfaction helping you accept your fetishes are not shameful and it’s good for your emotional well-being to explore and enjoy them. One thing I am not is a fetish escort Never embarrass yourself by asking me for vanilla sexual services. 

I am currently based in Brighton, UK. Brighton is open minded, kink friendly and a perfect base for an International Dominatrix. Brighton to London is just an hour, so I can quite easily session in London if you can’t make it down here for a kinky day trip. My Gypsy soul can’t stay in one place for too long though, so I tour often, especially in the British Winter.  Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore and Hong Kong are some of my favourite places to play. You can also Fly me to You. See My plans for upcoming tour dates at the foot of this page and you can read about my tours on the blog page. 

The FemDom lifestyle was my Destiny

I descend from a long line of strong Northern Matriarchs and like many Alpha Females, my powerful personality revealed itself early. Naturally I started bossing,  manipulating and controlling others from a young age. I was also extremely curious about anything sinful and loved to snoop. This is how I discovered a family member was a Mistress. I was shocked but also thrilled with the knowledge that males had such weaknesses that could be exploited. The seed was sown……..

I started modelling to fund Drama School. A fetish shoot got me an invite to a fetish party. I was addressed as Mistress for the first time and discovered I loved having my feet worshipped. My inevitable reign had began.  I was a teenage Dominatrix on the rampage going to as many Fetish parties as I could find.  Later whilst traveling in Asia, I decided to advertise as a Mistress in Hong Kong to fund My stay.  I was the first Domme in Hong kong and ended up living there for over a decade. I relocated to Amsterdam, NYC, Montreal then London before moving to Brighton. I have also toured in many other cities and have pets and playthings at my beck and call all over the World. I am now in my third decade of Femdom and have no intention of abdicating.  This is My lifestyle not just My living. 

My style is smooth, sensual, sophisticated and playful. My sessions feel intimate and connected. I enjoy looking deep into your eyes, penetrating your soul as I invade your mind and your body.  Lots and lots of tease & denial. Low or no music so you can hear my voice whispering filth into your ear, urging you to go further for me as I coach you to become sluttier, to be as shameless as possible. Let your mind go where it wants to. You only regret the things you don’t do. Set yourself free. Make me proud.

I can be understanding, gentle, encouraging – a Trusted Confidant.
I can be strict, sarcastic, impatient, unreasonable and callous – a Total Bitch.
I’m strict but never get angry or have to raise my voice. My words are powerful and intoxicating even when whispered.
Many of my clients don’t identify as subs or slaves. They just have a kink, urge or need that they need satisfying.
My niche is role play using my twisted imagination and acting skills to create a scene that feels authentic and real.

I adore My Goddess lifestyle, harnessing my Dominant Feminine Sexuality has rewarded me with Power, Money, Freedom and all the fun of Femdom. I get a kick out of educating men to respect all Women, not just those in the Femdom Community.  I enjoy being privy to the dirty little secrets I am entrusted with and I luxuriate in being treated as a Queen. Worshipped and adored by my global harem of slaves, sissies, sluts, pets, perverts & kinksters whose lives I  truly enrich.  

Domme Life and being a member of the International Fetish community is fabulous. The bizarre adventures down the hedonistic rabbit hole are fascinating and addictive.  I revel in the dressing up and theatrical side that is an essential part of being a Mistress. Most of all I appreciate the privilege of meeting other Dominatrices and Queens from around the World. We are a rare breed. Bewitching  Fearless and Free. Female Supremacists defiantly unapologetic about our perverted and materialistic lives. Brazenly flipping a finger at the patriarchy, rejecting authority, smashing taboos and living life on their own terms. Life as a Jetset Dominatrix is a Trip.  Decadent. Enchanting. Scandalous.

International Dominatrix  Foot Goddess Fetish Actress  Femme Fatale  Taboo Breaker  Sissy Coach  Mature Mistress