My Feet are your Religion
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Foot Worship is my favourite type of session

My feet are as sensitive as they are beautiful

I am a Lifestyle Foot Goddess

Having a devoted foot slave at my feet is an erotic, blissful and luxurious experience for me. A well trained foot fetishist can give me hours of sensual pleasure.  Whilst my body is untouchable to all but the extremely privileged,  my feet are actually promiscuous and enjoy being pampered by as many foot lovers as possible. Not just in session,  every where I go. Female foot fetishists are best and I also love playing with the feet of other Goddesses.

My perfect size 7 feet (European 40)  constantly crave attention. They just want to be adored and demand devotion.  To me foot slaves are true slaves, often in Femdom the Mistress is working quite hard. Foot worship is where a true sub can show real servitude on his knees at My feet.

If you are unskilled in the Art of worshipping a Goddesses feet I will teach you how to please and satisfy them. Many foot slaves are untrained and think they can rush in and start greedily sucking on my toes. Nope.  My feet want to be seduced. Before your lips go any where near them, they need to be caressed, rubbed and massaged to get them in a sensual mood.

During a Foot Worship Session

I don’t just sit or lie around. I am interactive and love flaunting my feet, teasing you with them to inflame your desire. I taunt and tempt in different poses. As in all my sessions Tease and Denial plays a big part of the session. When you are made to  wait for something precious, you appreciate it so much more.

Perched high above you, looking down on you as I dangle my toes tantalisingly above your face, making you ache to smell their delicate pungent scent.

Lounging with my legs in the air, my feet brushing against each other, then through your hair, gently grazing your face before swishing my silky soles all over your body.

Standing above you gazing straight into your eyes as I press, push, pin and trample you down, sometimes slapping you with my soles or lying on my front with my feet in the air flexing and unflexing them knowing the devastating effect my wrinkly soles have upon you. 

Finally as you become desperate to have your way with them , your patience will be rewarded and I give you permission to caress them. Showing you where the most sensitive spots are, arching them for you as I direct you to pleasure them. Teaching you how to take your time. How to truly worship.

I’ll Teach You How To Suck 

After dreaming of and craving for my feet for so long, these extra minutes will make you ache harder to finally be allowed to orally worship. First you must shower them with tiny butterfly kisses then I will allow you to  gently lick and finally to put my toes in your mouth and softly suck. 

As you suck my toes push past your lips, wriggling  as they invade and explore. Touching your gums, your teeth, sliding them over your tongue and pushing softly towards the back of your throat, , thrusting deeper if you’re into foot gagging.

The soles must be worshipped last,  they love being licked, nibbled and teeth gently scraping on them. The instep is especially sensitive. If you are pleasuring them I will praise you , if your technique needs adjustment I’ll be your coach. 

Boots Shoes and Stockings

Many Foot Fetishists prefer me in Foot Goddess mode, barefoot sensual and seductive  but sometimes Foot Fetishists desire a particular look or a role play alongside a Foot Worship Session.

In Brighton I have uniforms, day and evening wear, latex, PVC lingerie and a huge collection of brand new hosiery. I collect vintage nylon fully fashioned seamed stockings. I also have a collection of lace top hold ups and  fishnets and every type of nylon tights and stockings you can imagine.

My shoe and boot collection is equally vast and takes up the whole hallway of my Brighton apartment. It has everything from thigh boots, to 9 inch heels to flip-flops. Just request what you desire when you book a session. If I am on tour request what you desire before I leave, I usually pack six pairs.

See My Foot Fetish Videos here

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