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I adore role play using my twisted imagination and excellent acting skills to create a scene that feels authentic. The characters I created are different facets of me and I enjoy playing them all. Read about them and decide who you’d like to dom you on my Role Play pages

Foot Fetish & Trampling

 Foot Fetish is definitely a favourite fetish. I am a Lifestyle Foot Goddess and always appreciate Foot worship. I don’t actually see it as a fetish, it’s normal for me that males should want to worship Mistresses feet.  I demand it in the vanilla and kink world. Read about my life as a Foot Goddess on my Foot Fetish page.

Sissification, Cross Dressing, Feminisation & Slut Training

have a soft spot for sissies.  Over the years I’ve seen hundreds. Read about Forced Femme, Forced Bi and the different types of sissies I have characterised on this page.

Tease & Denial

Tease and Denial, Tie and Tease. I love Tie and tease, tricking you into bondage so you’re helpless. Then getting up close to you, teasing, tormenting and molesting you then mercilessly edging you into desperation until you beg for release. 

brighton dominatrix and southport mistress

Chastity & Key Holding

What could possess a male to hand over the keys to his favourite toy and let her determine when,  if at all, he gets permission to play with it?  If you are one of the rare males who has his libido under control, you will see chastity as a trap or a prison. For many though,  Chastity is freedom. Freedom from the constant nagging ache of desire alongside up 100 pesky erections per day. Freedom from the demands of  testosterone and being a slave to your penis. Freedom to think clearly and be a productive member of society instead of an incessant masturbating pervert. Male chastity is highly beneficial for several reasons. Keep reading to discover how male chastity may benefit your life.

DEVOTION – This reason is the most honourable, A slave may wish to totally devote himself  to his Mistress accepting her superior judgement and that she knows what is best for him.  Mistress will decide when if at all he deserves rewarding by being allowed to pleasure himself. She will also decide how long this will take and if he will be allowed to climax.

FOCUS  – Another reason is a slave in the presence of his Mistress will invariably be aroused. This causes the blood flow to leave his brain and be directed to the penis until it is engorged and erect. The lack of blood to the brain combined with the distraction of the erection render him unable to function properly and thus useless. Chastity prevents erections and enables the male to focus on what is important – his Mistress.               

SAFETY  – Other unlocked males frequently become fixated on  their own selfish satisfaction. This can spiral out of control leading to males becoming highly emotional often acting unreasonably or irrationally.  Worse case scenario is they become deranged with desire and endanger themselves or others.

ADDICTION – Some males find it impossible to stop masturbating and turn into wankaholics, unable to have a fulfilling orgasm , the other side of the coin is they get caught in the obsessive compulsive edging trap, watching porn and masturbating for hours of even days which is an extreme waste of time that could be spent serving his Mistress. A long break is the best thing then going back to basics will lead to more gratification and better time management.

PUNISHMENT . The final reason for chastity is as a punishment for whatever he has done to displease Mistress

Chastity is most definitely the way forward. Even if  chastity is only for the duration of the session it is highly beneficial. I respect males who request chastity before I suggest or enforce it. Chastity devices can be fitted a few hours or days before a session for maximum benefit or ultimately long term with regular checks. 

JOI – Jerk Off Instruction, Edging,  Orgasm Control

Masturbation is healthy but males are often too goal orientated, forget it’s about the journey not the destination and are in too much of a hurry to take their time to satisfy themselves properly.  This can cause premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and an inability to achieve a satisfactory orgasm. Worst case scenario sees them caught in an obsessive compulsive masturbation trap which is an extreme waste of time. Mistress will take charge and coach you in exactly to satisfy yourself, instruct you in tantric breathing and how to pleasure yourself mindfully and sensually. Basically I will teach you how to edge, control how often and for how long.  Like chastity, orgasm control  is excellent for focusing and controlling the toxic male Ego.

Humiliation & Public Humiliation

So many ways to humiliate you from degrading tasks around the house, spitting,  toilet training, forced fem, forced bi and having my vanilla friends around to witness your shame.  Being humiliated in public is the ultimate  for some slaves. I don’t like to make huge scenes in public but Public Humiliation is possible in fetish club,  festivals or kink friendly environments.  I also have many friends, vanilla and kinky if you need an  audience to watch you be used by me as well as private fetish parties I host and attend that you can be a part of.   Discreet Public Humiliation is much more possible.  This can include; Having you walk behind me and carry my bags and being spoken to in a dismissive way. Dressing you in lingerie that is slightly visible – pink knickers showing above waistband, padded bra under clothes, having the bra strap pinged, a padded butt or just clear pink lipgloss applied discreetly when most people are not looking. Slapping or spitting in public are ok with me, so quick that if some one sees, it’s already over.  Remote control or electric or vibrating butt plugs are also fun. I have many embarrassing things to do in public but for the truly humiliating then yes in certain places only 

Medical Play

Medical Play – Sounding, Catheters,  Needle Play, Violet Wand and Electro Play. Waxing, Shaving. This goes especially well with a Kink Nurse Roleplay – see my Kink Nurse page for more details 

Life Coaching. Mind Control. Brain Washing

Psychological domination. I will get into your head and ferret out all your secret desires and fears. I will challenge, open and influence your mind for the better, To manipulate and mould you into a better male, more liberal, ethical and less selfish.  Respectful and useful to all the Women in your community, not just a Mistress who you feel is worthy.  I will also encourage you to be fitter and healthier.  FemDom is a Lifestyle, If I am your Long Term Mistress, be aware, time with Me is Life changing. 

ABDL – AgePlay

Please go to my ABDL page and My StepMother Seductress Page for more details.

Anal & Strap on Training 

Anal & Strap On Training, Pegging & Prostate Massage.


Ball Bashing, Busting  CBT (Cock & Ball torture) including bondage, chastity, violet wand, kicking,  electrics, impact play and bondage 

Corporal Punishment – Impact play 

Caning , whipping, flogging and paddling  I have an excellent collection of canes, crops, whips, floggers and paddles to discipline you with, should you step out of line. 

Slapping & Spanking

Slapping and Spanking I started slapping in school and never stopped. I have big strong powerful hands and there are few Mistresses who can slap or spank harder than me

Scent Training

Worshipping my feet or being queened after a sweaty workout.  Being forced to smell my unwashed lingerie. yes I also sell my used socks, stockings, panties and shoes.  

Golden Showers & Toilet Training 

My Vegan, alcohol free lifestyle means my nectar is the purest and sweetest for you to swallow or bathe in

Breath Play

Queening, Smothering , Suffocation and poppers including forced intox

Fetish Wear 

 Shoes & Boots.  Latex & PVC.  Stockings /Nylons – including Vintage Seamed.  Hoods & Masks

Hypnosis, Mind Games 

Filthy Talk 

Nipple Play and Nipple Torture 




Maximum 2 cigarettes per session 


Fantasy Only, meaning you can resist but are not allowed to use force while I put you in various holds and locks



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