Whatever Stepmother wants – Stepmother gets.
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Stepmother Roleplay.

What comes to mind when you think of a StepMother? A sweet Woman who has sacrificed her life to lovingly care for offspring that are not her own. Probably not.  The term is often demonised or fetishised.

My personal favourite as well as My most popular role play is the femme fatale, the home wrecking Stepmother Seductress who has zero scruples about stealing men and spending their money as she prowls around like a sex kitten, looking for more prey, often her husbands younger Son. Whatever Stepmother wants Stepmother gets, whether it’s a foot rub or her Stepsons anal cherry. See My blog page for a story I wrote about this scenario. 

The traditionally Wicked Stepmother who bitterly resents having to care for her husbands previous spawn and isn’t against using punishment, confinement and beating to get her way is perfect for strict age play sessions involving spanking, corporal and bondage. Cold, sarcastic, ruthless and harsh. What’s not to love about this threatening character?

The sweet comforting 1950’s style Stepmother who loves floral aprons, bakes all day and never has a cross word is the antithesis to both of the above. Yes I play this role too.  Sometimes a Stepmother can be nurturing. This type of stepmother is perfect for littles,  ABDL ‘s and age play. 


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Stepmother Scenarios

Stepmother Roleplay ideas 

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