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Are you bored of of  responsibility, routine and always taking the lead in the bedroom. Do you secretly desire to be led astray by a powerful sensual Woman? A Glaminatrix who’ll transform you into her pretty little plaything and use you as she pleases. Perhaps you yearn to embrace your feminine side and lounge around wearing lingerie as she commands you to do things that make your heart race. To be tarted up then ravished like the sluts in the porn you watch. If this applies to you, I specialise in feminsation and I’m here for you.

As a Mistress I feel it’s most beneficial for a male to drop his ego and indulge in a few hours of emasculation and sissification. Let Mistress take control, enabling you to switch off the part of the brain responsible for making decisions and allow the part that controls pleasure and desire to rule. Surrender to being a softer, more sensual and intimate you or to shameless slutty bimbofication. To the feminine urges that are hidden away deep in your soul.

Psychology of SissyHood

If you are new to Sissyhood and feeling apprehensive don’t worry this is quite normal. You have to be brave to go against the gender roles society has conditioned us to believe are appropriate. Of course, it’s not always easy to accept you have sissy tendencies. Boys are indoctrinated from a young age to hide their feelings. Sensitivity and gentleness are frowned upon. Whenever they show emotion or don’t act in a traditionally macho way, accusations of being weak, effeminate and acting like a sissy are thrown at them. Sometimes sissies are called Gay. No you’re only Gay if you want to be exclusively with males.  Some sissies are Bi curious but let’s discuss that later.  But yes the term Sissy is often used as a slur so it’s a brave step for a male to confide that he sometimes wants be one. Luckily it’s much easer these days for sissies to find an understanding mentor like myself who will help you remove shame, guilt and fear from sissyfication.  I’ll help you accept you owe it to yourself to take time out for self care, to be who you truly want to be and in touch with your feminine side without judgement. Allowing  yourself this is truly life enhancing, liberating and will set you free.

Toxic masculinity is Neutralised by Healing Femininity

Freedom is precious, magical and therapeutic. Stifling a part of yourself is a heavy and lonely burden. Mistress is a portal to the  abandonment you can achieve when you break out of self imposed barriers and free yourself from inhibitions.  Transporting you away from humdrum reality and responsibility to a safe place where you can quench your desires with someone you trust. Sissyhood can be therapy as much as it’s a fetish and you’re in safe hands with me holding the reins. I have a soft spot for sissies.  I enjoy their flirtatious energy and seeing the feminine alter ego emerge as I make them over and dress them up.  When I  have finished a transformation and take them by the hand to the mirror, I sometimes hear a small gasp of admiration as they take in their new look.  Some of my most rewarding and enjoyable sessions are seeing sissies blossom into who they want to be.

I truly enjoy coaching and enabling sissies. I cater for those who want to fully embrace their femininity and have their true feminine side appreciated and the ones who want to be coaxed or pressurised into it as more of a forced femme, humiliation type session. So whether you’re a shy newbie, a fully fledged sissy slut or something in between. I can coach you into to being feminine, more submissive and more like the sissy you envisage yourself to be. Over the years what I have seen hundreds of sissies and each one is unique. Some are shy and sweet whilst others are outrageous show offs or shameless harlots. Below I have written about each type.  When you contact me regarding a sissy session  it will help if you let me know which type or types of sissy you identify with. Yes you can be more than one. You could start off as a sweet sissy baby and end as a sissy slut. Actually most sissies do have a bit of  sissy slut in them,  just some need more encouragement than others to bring it out and let go.

The Sissy Slut

The sissy slut is sexually greedy and always ready for some action. Dressing up slutty puts her in the mood for filth and gives off a clear signal to others that she’s a horny little bitch and up for it. If Mistress is not around she might dress up anyway,  play some sissy porn and get the poppers and her toys out. She is insatiable and likes to be used and abused. She can be spoilt if she doesn’t get enough of what she wants and Mistress has to be quite strict with her. Chastity is often needed for at least part of the session. She identifies as straight but when sissified she will be sexually flexible and as well as getting down on her knees and surrendering to Mistress and her strap on she may fantasise about serving a Trans Mistress or a SheMale or even serve a Bull from Mistresses stable.  Her perfect session is wearing a cheerleaders outfit with crotchless Knickers and thigh boots then being pimped out for Mistress. If this isn’t possible then she is happy on a fucking machine.  

The Sissy Maid

The sissy maid loves Strong Dominant Women and she loves to feel important and become a useful cog in Mistresses busy life. She takes pleasure in serving her Mistress and has exceptional domestic skills. Serving tea, dusting, cleaning, hand washing lingerie, polishing shoes or latex. She often is good at admin and the perfect hostess when Mistress has company. Her perfect session is wearing a pink PVC sissy maid outfit spending the afternoon attending to Mistress. Giving Mistress a foot massage, helping Mistress get ready in her boudoir then serving at a cocktail party Mistress is throwing for her kinky friends then getting down on her knees and surrendering to Mistress and her Strap On.

The Alpha Sissy

The alpha sissy is the last person you would expect to have sissy tendencies but Alpha in the streets often equals sissy in the sheets. While many sissies generally function well in their male roles. Alphas excel in life. Successful career,  sporty, often found competing in triathlons or on the football or rugby pitch.  They have the perfect trophy wife or a string of gorgeous girlfriends but success comes with a price. When you are at the top within a majorly testosterone fuelled environment, it can seem impossible to show vulnerability and emotions are suppressed which lead to stress.  It’s essential for the alpha to have a safe place to drop his toxic masculine ego, where the excessive masculine Yin can be balanced out with the delicate Feminine Yang. This is just as necessary for males who work in alpha environments such as the financial or construction industry or the armed forces who are forced to act macho to fit in or to keep their job. Even though you don’t identify as an alpha male you absorb your working environment and have similar needs. An alpha sissies perfect session is lounging, chilling out, being totally submissive in a comforting setting.  Maybe on pink satin sheets, dressed up as a bimbo talking about all things girly then getting down on her knees and surrendering to Mistress and her Strap On. 

The Sissy Baby

The sissy baby is a sissy ABDL and just wants to be taken care of by her Mummy, Nanny or Mistress. Soft music, baby talk and plenty of hands on playtime. Her session is all about complete surrender, lots of stroking and TLC. Dressing up, diaper checks and playtime all day long. Her perfect session is diapered in nappies with frilly knickers over the top, dressed in pink satin in a giant crib with Mistress bottle feeding her followed by a naughty bedtime story then lying on her back as she surrenders to Mistress and her Strap On.

The Sissy Starlet

The sissy starlet is an attention whore and an exhibitionist. She wants to dress up and be fabulous and every one to be looking at her. Her transformation will be sensational. The whole shebang, wig, make up, eyelashes, fake boobs, stockings, heels and a million dollar outfit. She might be into latex and transform into a Rubber Doll. Before she is in costume she may feel nervous but she needs to do it. Her personality undergoes a huge change whilst dressed up and in character. As a male she is pleasantly normal, in female from she is a bombshell, bubbly, flirty and seductive, she plays with her hair, licks her lips and is often found shimmying, twerking,  pole dancing or posing for photos. The perfect session for the sissy starlet is accompanying Mistress to a private fetish party or if she is feeling daring to a bar where cross dressing is acceptable. Some starlets are shy in public and although love to dress up and party at home. Obviously at the end of the night she will totally be  down on her knees and surrender to Mistress and her Strap On.

The Shameful Sissy

The shameful sissy loves to be humiliated. The more mortifying her disgrace is the more she is aroused. She exists to be used, abused, mocked and  belittled. Public humiliation is the ultimate for this. Taking a sissy whilst still in male attire to lingerie stores and holding bras and panties against them, while the cheeks burn hot with shame is fun. Ann Summers in Liverpool is one of My favourite places to do this and to purchase matching sissy lingerie for Mistress and her sissy. I also love insisting my sissies wear bra and panties under male clothing, then pinging her bra strap or checking the panties discreetly in public.  In private she will be dressed up like a cheap tart and encouraged to dance, parade about, display herself to Mistresses friends then finally to serve one of Mistresses Bulls. SPH, chastity and Forced Bi are often a part of her sessions and her perfect session would be in a pink cock cage, frilly tutu whilst being cuckolded by Mistress and her Bull. After Mistress is satisfied, sissy will end up down on her knees surrendering to Mistress and her Strap On

The Natural Born Sissy/Crossdresser

The natural born sissy has always known she has sissy tendencies. She was probably teased at school for it and prefers the company of Women who she gets on with much more than men. She struggles with traditional masculine pursuits, strongly dislikes lad culture and might secretly wish she was born a girl.  The natural born sissy likes dressing up in feminine girly clothes rather than looking slutty. She likes hanging out with Mistress in the bedroom or kitchen, maybe even baking cupcakes to have at the tea party they are having that afternoon. The natural might feel like she identifies as more of a crossdresser than a sissy and definitely feels more comfortable in female clothing. She might wear them to relax, it’s definitely not always a sexual thing for her and essential for her spiritual well being to embrace her comforting femininity and truly relax as she allows the delicate gentle submissive yin part of her personality to shine.  She may also one day want to venture out in public dressed as female. Not in a showy off way, she is a little shy, but if she felt confident that she looked convincing as female then maybe going for a drive or a walk along Southport seafront would be nice. Perfect session is hanging out with Mistress both wearing negligees or lacy lingerie, drinking tea, eating cake and watching a femdom movie. Even though she is very sweet and shy it doesn’t mean she won’t be getting down on her knees and surrendering to Mistress and her Strap On at the end of the session.

When you see some of the successful sissies on social media, remember It took lots of practice to look as good as they do. It takes a lot of coaching, effort and time to learn how to be convincingly pretty and sexy.  How to act is also something that needs to be learned. Everything from walking, talking, speaking and serving can be taught to sissies who I feel are worthy and have potential to be a good sissy slut, sissy maid or both. Your time with me could include some or any of the following:

SISSY GROOMING & PAMPERING  – Make up, Nails, Hair, Wigs. Hair removal from the body and private areas. We can also visit nail bars, beauty salons, massage therapists and hairdressers together. I know many friendly places in Liverpool where they are open minded and happy to see crossdressers

SISSY WORK OUT, EXERCISE PLAN & DIETING– Coming to classes with me – yoga, pilates, ballet barre, legs, bums & tums. Jogging and stretching in the park in a gender neutral in the park in a  pink tracksuit or booty shorts are excellent for sissies into public humiliation. Dance classes such as private pole dancing lessons are also available.

SISSY WARDROBE – I have a wardrobe full of pretty frilly lingerie, stockings, tutus and tight slutty dresses as well as more casual and publicly acceptable wear for outside trips if they are required. I have a huge wig collection as well as shoes in sizes from 7 to 12 and lots of gorgeous accessories. If you have a specific item you need we can buy it together or I can shop for you prior to your session. I can also store things for you.

SISSY SHOPPING TRIPS –  Accompany me on a shopping trip round Liverpool, it doesn’t have to be expensive. I love shopping for vintage bargains in charity shops as well as the high street store. We can also browse online together and you can send your purchases to me to save for you.

SISSY ETIQUETTE & DEPORTMENT –  This is one of the trickiest things to learn. It’s all about body language and how you project yourself so you are an object of desire not ridicule. How to address and attend to me in private and how to behave in public. How to make an entrance or blend in with the crowd. How to flirt, how to beg, how to be ladylike or to be a cheap slut with class. How to walk, talk, laugh.How to use your eyes, your hands, your lips and your tongue.

SISSY SERVITUDE – The Art of serving me – from making me a cup of tea to helping me dress. Helping me take care of my wardrobe such as hand washing lingerie or polishing shoes and latex. Worshipping my feet, my strap on or one of my boys from my stable of bulls.

SISSY ROLE PLAYS –  Some sissies just like to be trained and to serve, others like to act out their sissyness in a situation. As well as being a superb sissy trainer, I am a fetish actress and excellent at role play. See the Role plays in my Roleplay section.

SISSY NIGHTS OUT -This could be with you from you wearing a pair of my knickers and stockings under your make attire to a full on transformation with make up and wigs. Liverpool is pretty liberal towards trans, crossdressers or sissies but London has the best places such as Club Pedastal which is a Femdom club but has lots of sissies  or The Way Out club which is specially for Transgender and Drag Queens but would welcome crossdressers or sissies.

SISSY PHOTO & VIDEO SHOOTS –  Can be done in session by myself or with a professional photographer.

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