Remember there are no menial jobs – only menial attitudes

Ruthless Corporate Bitch

Superior. Powerful. Potent.

I stop at nothing in my quest to expand my empire. You are a mere employee at the bottom of the ladder. A pathetic perverted weakling who would risk everything for a whiff of my stockinged feet or a peep at my panties.


I’ve seen you sniffing about hoping to be noticed.
Don’t worry I can use boys like you. I have many menial & humiliating tasks I have deemed you worthy of.


You know this is exactly what you deserve and no matter how I treat you you’ll soon be back grovelling at my feet begging for another task.


corporate roleplay CEO brighton dominatrix

Lorum Ipsum

Eademne, quae restincta siti? Sint ista Graecorum; Res enim concurrent contrariae. Duo Reges: constructio interrete.

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