I’m your Private Actress 

Who am I?

I’m whoever you want me to be, as long as I’m in charge

I have always adored putting on a costume and playing a part.  At school I played Alice in Alice In Wonderland. I was instantly hooked and decided I wanted to be an Actress. I played other lead roles in many productions and looked into going to Drama School. Life had other ideas as Femdom was my Destiny but as soon as I became the first Domme in Hong Kong I discovered My acting skills were going to come in very useful indeed.

Every Domme has her niche. Mine is Roleplay. I enjoy playing the different characters, each with a different image and personality and take pride in making the scenarios authentic. 

So why role play? For me it’s more exciting and makes sense to put a Fetish in a scenario.  If you little nervous or shy assuming another identity in a Roleplay gives you freedom to act out of character. If you want to do a Roleplay but are apprehensive because you feel you can’t act. Don’t worry you can say nothing at all or as much as you like.

Stepmother Seductress

Father is away and you are staying with StepMother in Brighton.  You have a huge crush on her and she knows it. She walks around in skimpy outfits, flirtatiously asking embarrassing questions about your love life. This makes the fact you’re still a virgin even worse. You are rock hard every minute you are in her presence. You suspect she knows this and loves seeing you squirm as she glances down at your crotch. 

One night she’s going out with the girls, she’s dressed in a black PVC mini dress and keeps brushing past you and bending over to tease you. It’s torture. After she goes out, you sneak to her room and snoop about. You find her vibrator and even though you know it’s wrong start pleasuring yourself with it. edging your self over and over.

Then damn, you look up and she comes out from her walk in wardrobe, she was there the whole time. You try to explain but can’t think of an excuse. Oh gosh she says laughing, what a naughty boy you are, what will you do for me not to call your Father about this. For it to be kept just between the two of us…..Anything you want, you hear your self whimper…… Anything at all.



Human resources strap on bitch

Your job is on the line. There have been several complaints about you after  you accidentally sent some Up the Butt Anal porn in group email to the whole office.  It was massively upsetting and derogatory to female co workers and you have been summoned into Head Office In Brighton  to see the Chief HR Office who has zero tolerance for inappropriate conduct that objectifies or diminishes Female employees

After a humiliating dressing down you are informed the only chance you have of salvaging your career is to undergo a Sensitivity Training Programme. It’s unorthodox but has 100% success rate so far. You will be in chastity and subservient to all female co workers who will be encouraged to treat you disrespectfully so you understand  how this feels and how disgraceful your behaviour was. At the end of each day you will report to HR  where The Chief will be waiting for you wearing a strap on. The clip you watched will be played and she will mirror it so you can understand the consequences of what females go through when you watch such depraved filth.

Bitch boss catches panty sniffer

You are a senior executive and have to drop some papers in the Brighton office of your new Boss. You have a huge crush on her but find her intimidating.  On the way to her office you are  informed she’s out for a long lunch. You enter and place the papers on her desk but notice the door to her private bathroom is open. You can’t resist a peep and tiptoe in.

Surprisingly used lingerie has been left in the sink. You are compelled to pick the silky panties up. Pressing your face into the gusset, you inhale her sweet pungent scent. You are powerless to resist unzipping your pants and you start to stroke. Oh Bugger!  You hear a tiny click…..

Your heart pounds as turn around to see your Boss. You start to stammer as she locks the door behind her. Sitting on her desk she says. I knew damn well you were a little pervert as soon as I met you. I just wanted to prove it. Don’t worry boy you’re not going to lose your job but now I’ve got one over on you and I need you to do me a few little favours…

Hoodwinked sissy hostess

You are a new girl at an exclusive night club In Brighton. The head Madam offers to teach you the skills of hostessing and entertaining.

You believe that the job is just socialising but keep she keeps hinting that you could make really good tips if you play your cards right.  You suspect that there is more to the job than you thought, something feels dodgy. Why are there no females apart from the other staff. Surely this is not some type of Brothel

You decide to quit and tell her you want to leave. But she explains that’s not possible as  she has invested a lot of time and energy in your training so you are obliged to work for at least one night. You try to go but are led to a room,  tied up and blindfolded then and told to just relax.

Some  important VIPs are popping in tonight. If you do everything you can to please them then you will be allowed to go home at the end of the night.

Humiliating medical checkup

You’re on a business trip and have forgotten your allergy medication.  The only place open is the The Brighton Kink Klinic where the nurse there informs you she can give you your meds after a quick checkup.

After taking your heart rate and blood pressure she then tells you she needs to ask a few questions about your health. These become more and more personal and you start to feel a little embarrassed.  Is how often you masturbate really relevant?  She then informs you saliva & urine samples are required & to remove your pants.  As you do so, she bends over to get sample bottles out of a bottom drawer, you see the gusset of her panties & her stocking tops.

You are pretty sure she is teasing you. After making you spit and pee in a sample bottle she then starts giggling before telling you she also needs a sperm sample and to check your prostate then asks which do you want to do first?

If she wasn’t a professional you would be sure she was conducting this examination for her own amusement.

Matronatrix locks you in chastity

You arrive for your first day of training at the Brighton Kink Klinic as a new nurse with Matron. She is older and attractive but comes across as a bit of a battle axe.

She informs you, unfortunately, there are no male uniforms so you will have to wear a female Nurses tunic for now.  She then hands you stockings and pink knickers and insists she helps you put them on.

Unfortunately, you get an erection.  You try to hide it but immediately she spots it twitching. She tells you the female tunic was just an initiation joke the nurses do on first day. They have a male uniform. But you are obviously a raging pervert.

She isn’t sure you are fit to work alongside the other female nurses.  The only way you can continue in your career is for a trial period where train alongside her.

Obviously, to prevent more toxic masculinity you will be kept in chastity and remain in the pink knickers.

Honey trap bondage

You are in Brighton at cocktail bar with the boys and see the most gorgeous woman alone sipping white wine.

She is a Goddess, way out of your league but you’re feeling brave after a few drinks so you go and try it on anyway.  You act quite cocky thinking this is the way to act in front of such beauty. Don’t show her you are intimidated.

You ask her for her number and to your surprise, she invites you to her hotel room just nearby. You quickly finish your drink and leave, unable to believe your luck.

When you arrive at her place she ushers you inside & she shyly admits her secret….. she’s a bit kinky and hopes you don’t mind but its always been her fantasy to tie a man up & have her way with him.

Like the gullible fool you are you agree…

Accidental lingerie model

You are a salesman of intimate under garments and have an appointment with a very important buyer in Brighton

She is known in the industry as being a bit of a bitch so when the lingerie model doesn’t show, you feel slightly worried.   It looks like the order will be cancelled. Then the buyer has an idea, why don’t you model  your own merchandise?  You are reluctant but she convinces you, telling you you are not very masculine anyway so it will be fine. She then has you sexily parading up & down, bending over,  striking sexy poses & doing little dances to demonstrate the wearability of the lingerie.

Each set she picks seems to becoming tinier and sluttier until you are wearing just stockings & a tiny g string. She asks you of you are willing to go the extra mile, as there is just one more thing she needs you to do before she puts in a really big order…

Milf pops exchange students cherry

You are an innocent college boy spending Summer in Brighton to improve your English and are welcomed by  your host who is a glamorous MILF type of lady. She is very friendly but a little overpowering.

After a week or it seems she is giving you more and more chores each day.  She starts asking you to bring her tea toast and marmite in bed each morning and for foot and  back rubs throughout the day. Sometimes she calls you her sweet little houseboy. You should feel concerned but your English is improving. Then one night she invites you to have a late supper with her, she offers you more and more wine. It would be impolite to refuse. Eventually You pass out as you are not used to drinking.

You wake up in her  candlelit boudoir, she is tenderly stroking your hair wearing nothing but thigh high boots, a strap on and a twisted little smile…

Beauty salon confusion

You are in Brighton visiting the Beautician for your regular hair removal treatment, waxing back, sac and crack. A new Beautician convinces you to try the new electrostim body treatment. It will really enhance your physique and we can add some free ozone treatment too to really get you into shape.

First you are strapped down to the bench, then earphones are put in & an eye mask. Then electrodes are placed all over you body. You can’t move, you can’t see or hear.  You start to feel anxious but are told to relax and given a small pad soaked with essential aromas to inhale. This makes you head spin. The electrical current is increasing and then you hear the buzzing of the Ozone treatment. Exactly where is this used  and what is she going to do with this

You are at Brighton Uni and looking for a part time job to supplement your grant. You hear about a new hotel opening In Kemptown and decide to try your luck 

Once there the owner explains that this is a hotel for people who define themselves as  pansexual or Gender fluid and as such the staff uniform does not conform to traditional gender roles and will you have a problem with that? The pay and conditions seem great, all most too good to be true and you reply that you are wear whatever uniform the club wants 

The Boss takes you to the changing area where there are rails of clothing hanging up, everything seems to be in pink satin, lace or PVC.  You look closely at the uniforms they are basically like old fashioned maids outfits…….