Session TIME 

Any girl can suck your dick – Find the one who can blow your mind
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What Happens In a Session? 

My Personal Style 

So you’ve finally found me. Now all we have to do is decide what I’m going to do with you. Some of you may have a clear idea, some might know but are too shy to say and a few of you are clueless, only recognising you have an urge to spend time with Me but are unsure of what it entails. In all cases you will benefit to thoroughly read my site and get an idea of how I session and what I specialise in.

Your most important task is to choose the correct Mistress for your needs. We all have different skills, styles and limits. If  you need a Mistress to shout and beat you for no reason then I’m not the one for you. Yes I do punish my pets sometimes, but in context not just for the hell of it. On this page I will talk about my style, on the next I list and explain all the individual fetishes I practise and enjoy.

I Love Psychological and Sensual Domination.

A mental connection is more powerful than a physical one. I want to gain your trust, get into your head and exhume repressed desires buried away deep in your unconscious. I then use this knowledge to open and play with your mind, destabilise your boundaries, to influence and enable you.  Mental manipulation, mind fucking, call it what you will but it’s all in your head and it’s waiting for me.

This makes whatever we do in session, have meaning and purpose

Sensual as in seducing all your senses as I get so close, you are inhaling my scent. Gazing straight into your eyes, reading your thoughts as you you listen to my smooth hypnotic voice leading you into temptation. Slowly, deliberately and erotically in the way I handle you. Engulfing all your senses, blitzing your sensory pathways and erogenous zones ultimately blowing your mind.  This is how I become your addiction.

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My Rules & Ethics

Remember although I am always in charge, I tailor your session to your needs. I’ll push your limits when I feel you are ready. Your session is individual to you. Choose the fetishes and kinks you desire, add a role play and request my costume and maybe one for yourself. This is bespoke kink and you get to choose and have a say.

After so many years in the fetish industry,  I have often found myself as much a counsellor as I am a Mistress. I am empathic, compassionate and wise. I will not exploit someone who is addicted and out of their depth and I won’t take your money if you can’t afford me.  I offer counselling for those struggling or overwhelmed by their fetishes and desires, as well as couples sessions for those who want to involve their partner in the lifestyle but need guidance.

Speaking of partners, if you have one,  respect her and all women, not just those in the Femdom community. I have no interest in home wrecking. I am also supportive of the LGBTQI community, and expect you to be respectful to them as well as people of all races, nationalities and disabilities. Zero tolerance of Homo/ Trans Phobia or Racism.

Just as I respect your limits I expect you respect mine. I am a Vegan Dominatrix. So No Leather. No Fur. No Meat. Nothing that has abused an animal. Only Vegan Food if we eat together. Vegan slaves are my favourite. 

Everything in My sessions must be Safe, Sane and Consensual. 

Absolutely NO sexual services. NO Kissing, NO Breast or Vagina Worship NO SEX – The reason I’ve been able to remain successful and happy in this profession for so long is because I am resolute at maintaining my boundaries. I understand some Mistresses are flexible. I am not. I am a Dominatrix not a fetish escort. Do Not Ask unless you want to be blocked.