Discover & Explore your Kinks

So what will happen in a session?

Anything is possible as long as it’s safe sane & consensual.

This is a question I am frequently asked. Looking at My site you will see there are many fetishes, kinks and role plays you can choose. Some of those who contact Me have a clear idea of what they need, others know but are too shy to say and others are quite clueless. They have an urge to spend time with a Mistress but are unsure why and what it entails. 

All of these are OK.  This is why you have chosen to book a Professional Dominatrix. This is where my expertise comes in to play. To delve into your mind and dig out your deepest desires then decide what type of session will benefit you. I am always in charge but I tailor your session to what you need. I won’t force you to have a hardcore BDSM type session if you prefer erotic, sensual domination. Consent is extremely important in all My sessions. 

You’ll benefit, especially if you are a newbie, to do your research. Read My entire website. See what appeals to you,  What I enjoy most and what My limits are.  Then decide if we match. Choosing the right Mistress is your most important task. Get this right and it’s likely your session will be a fulfilling experience you will remember for a long time.

Let Me know whatever sounds appealing to you then I will create your bespoke session. No two subs are exactly the same and you can have as many fetishes as you wish in your time with Me. Mix and match them as you please or just choose one for the whole session. So you could be a sissy slut who wants chastity,  strap on training and humiliation, a medical play and PVC fetishist who needs a Kink nurse to administer sounding and electro stim or you might only wish to worship My feet. It’s your session and you get to choose,  I will push your boundaries only when and if I feel you are ready. 

So what Do I most enjoy ?

Foot Fetish is one of my favourite fetish activities. I don’t actually see it as a fetish, it’s normal for me that males should want to worship Mistresses feet. Read more about this on the Foot Fetish Page.

I adore role play using my twisted imagination and excellent acting skills to create a scene that feels authentic. The characters I created are different facets of me and I enjoy playing them all. Read about them on the Roleplay page 

I have a soft spot for sissies, cross dressers  and ABDL’s. Anything involving costumes and dressing up will interest and  inspire Me. Forced femme and forced bi are also favourites.  Read about this on the Sissy Seductress page

I also practice taboo sessions which are often considered sinful and  frowned upon. If it’s wrong and I should not be doing something this only encourages my desire to do it more. Contact me if you have a taboo request.

Psychological domination is another of my strengths. I like to open and take charge of minds. To influence and mould you into a better male, more respectful and useful to all the Women in your community, not just ones who you feel are worthy.  To be more ethical and less selfish in all aspects of your being. FemDom is a Life style,  not just for sessions.  If you are looking for a Long Term Mistress, be aware, spending a lot of time with me is life changing.

With my accumulated experience comes understanding. I offer counselling for those struggling to understand and come to terms with their fetishes or for subs addicted and out of their depth. I also offer couples therapy for those who want to involve their partner in the lifestyle but are unsure how to introduce and navigate this.

Just as I respect your limits you must respect mine. I am a Vegan Dominatrix. So No Leather. No Fur. No Meat. Nothing that has harmed an animal. Only Vegan Food if we eat together. I am supportive of the LGBQT community & expect you to be respectful when referring to them. Everything in My sessions must be Safe, Sane and Consensual. 

Absolutely NO sexual services. NO Kissing, NO Breast or Vagina Worship NO SEX – The reason I’ve been able to remain successful and happy in this profession for so long is because I am resolute at maintaining my boundaries. I understand some Mistresses are flexible. I am not. I am a Dominatrix not a fetish escort. Do Not Ask unless you want to be blocked.