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Matronatrix & Kink nurse Medical Fetish 

I see patients for many types of treatments

I see patients for many types of treatments.
Whether you are coming to see me for a simple check up or a more invasive procedure I assure you of my utmost attention whist in my care.

  • Medical Examination – Full Medical check ups available including – blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, height, weight and reflex testing, genital, oral and prostate examinations as well as urological and sexual health tests are also included
  • Penis Clinic – Treatment for erectile dysfunction, phallically challenged small penis humiliation (SPH) and premature ejaculation as well as chastity for management of masturbation & penile obsession. Yes i offer key holding
  • ABDL  Adult Baby  – Bed wetting therapy, nappy rash and diaper therapy. Baby checkups, innoculations and vaccinations, behavioural therapies, new born baby, toddler and pre-school checkups
  • Gender reassignment – breast augmentation, genital reconstruction, cosmetic transformations, shaving, waxing, and nipple stimulation and enlargement
  • Blockage Treatments – enemas & catheterisation
  • Sensory Deprivation Treatment – Control of the senses to heighten awareness during treatment
  • Electro therapy – Violet wand and electrical stimulation
  • Urethral Sounds and Catheterisation – Urinary tract checkups
  • Breath Play – Control of your breathing and heart rate
  • Shaving – Some procedures require that the patient has all or partial shaving before or during a procedure
  • Sharp play – scalpel and needle therapy
  • Oriental treatments – cupping and acupuncture
  • Hypnotherapy – relaxation and deep breathing techniques
  • Fetish counselling – for issues you would like to discuss with someone sympathetic, understanding & knowledgeable.
  • Strapon Klinic – including strapon, dildos and butt plugs
  • Restraint Klinic – cuffs, rope, tape bondage, cling film mummification