Up again for hot yoga, then in the gym for TRX and a 5K run on the treadmill! I am so on it, I am domming myself back to my peak physical prime. I might post before and after pics when I am done.   I’m craving though…for a baguette  filled with Linda McCartney Sausages and HP sauce but green juice it is again.  Kale, cucumber, celery, bitter melon, lemon juice and ginger.  Pffft.  Straight after I go to meet for tea.  She’s in town  for a week, I liked her site and twitter posts and was interested to meet her.  Often if a Dominatrix is in town and we click we can do doubles together.  I love Double Domme sessions. so much fun, egging each other to be wilder and  more wicked.  She was cool, we were a similar type, both busty blondes who had been on the scene for ages while living the Gypsy Domme lifestyle over 3 continents. We swapped tips and tales and hopefully will meet up this Summer in Barcelona or Paris which are her two main bases.


Next I have two sessions back to back.  First is an Office role play.  I wear my outfit on the way to the session instead of changing onto it when I arrive like I would do for latex. It’s a new hounds tooth dress, tight fitting but extremely business like. It’s from Zara, which is where I buy most of my office wear. My style is usually Bohemian rock chick  but my office bitch look is way more sultry and I attract quite a bit of attention on the way there. The seamed stockings, black pointed stilettos and cat eye spectacles all add to the effect. I’m already in character and I coldly look through anyone eyeing me up. The scenario I devised  is the client plays a new employee in a company where I’m the CEO. Trouble is he’s been heard making smutty remarks about females in the workplace as well as ogling and being inappropriate to the young intern and the tea lady. Not On!  This male chauvinist pig has to be taught office etiquette or lose his job. The best way to make him understand how vulnerable a female can feel is to be forced to dress and act as one. I’m gonna teach him a few tough life lessons in my office until I feel he is fit to work with the team again. At one point he’s had enough and makes a break for the door to escape. I wrestle him down and get him in a double scissors headlock.

☺ Never a dull moment for us Mistresses.

The second session is with a Japanese slave I have seen many times. He has a serious tights fetish.  He loves to be forced to wear them, tied up with them, have them shoved in his mouth and pulled over his head. He’s a pantyhose maniac. I’d picked up 10 pairs on the way here from a lady in the Lanes where all the all the cheap market stalls are, I won’t buy expensive ones  for a session like this, they are all going to be laddered or in too many knots to use again anyway. Two down one to go. ☺ Two is my ideal number of sessions to do a day, I have done 5 on occasions but that’s rare.  Two leaves me lots of chill time. I hate rushing about, luckily the last session is a foot session so I can relax.

First of all I devour a kale and tofu salad then go off to a meeting to talk through scenes for my new video. I have so many ideas and we discuss which of them are logistically possible and within  budget. We consider locations, scenes, costumes and other girls I want to be in them. I prefer to film with females,  I am highly protective of my image.  I only want footage out on the internet that I’m proud of.  Once it’s out there, it’s like a genie, and can’t go back in the bottle. My two favorite scenes involve a nun outfit with crucifix heeled shoes and a hookah pipe and another of me eating sushi and sashimi laid out Japanese style over a slave girl. Of course the sushi will be vegan, they have it here and it’s divine. As soon it’s confirmed we’re shooting these scenes I start rustling up sponsors. My sweet Yorkshire puppy slave is always super generous and he immediately offers to buy the shoes, he gets my slave of the week award for that as well as being a top retweeter and  for always making me laugh. He’s as daft as a brush and always getting himself into ridiculous sticky situations. I won’t go into detail about the time in Amsterdam’s red light district but it was pretty rad. Another client offers to  book a gorgeous hotel room for us to session in which I can use afterwards to film in. He orders me a fuschia pink hookah pipe too. Just need to find an authentic Nun costume now. Not having any joke shop tacky polyester in my shoot. There are Nuns who make the habits but they can take up to 6 months! Imagine that, they only get one new dress a decade and then they have to wait ages for it and when it comes it’s exactly the same as the last one but less threadbare.


I head of to my favourite Hong Kong hotel to see my foot worshipper, it’s 50 minutes of foot pampering then likes to be slapped about by my feet at the end. My feet are extremely dexterous, I pick things up off the floor with them all the time, can peel a banana with them and unfasten a belt. Just a few of my #Dommeskills acquired over the years.

It’s been a busy day and has been like this since I arrived. Wednesday looks even more hectic, this is when I decide I need to go away for a few days, my birthday is coming up and I think a spa break in Bangkok will be just what I need to allow me to recharge in time for my birthday party at the Carnival on Friday the 13th.

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