Next stop was Montreal

Why would I go there in February when its -25C?

Well I have personal reasons and also because because that’s where are located. They got me started shooting video in the Summer of 2013 just after I left NYC. Before then I had no videos of me at all. Now I have four shot by Erophoria and two by Hong Kong’s House of Satyr and am waiting for another one shot by them to be edited and also shooting another there in 10 days time. Here are all the finished ones in a continuous stream .

The pinnicle of my collaboration with Fetish Artists came last week I was thrilled to pose for the Famous Femme Domme Artist Sardax for his Alice and Wonderland series. Last Friday we met to shoot photos from which he wll sketch. The location was It’s an astonishing place, mind boggling located within an inconspicuous East London council Estate that reminded me of a scene from the Bill. As I went up in the lift I wondered if new slaves coming up there might suspect it was a wee bit dodgy. Once inside though, all doubts are dismissed. This is the ultimate dungeon. It has an amazing vibe. 4 rooms crammed with every single piece of paraphanalia you could dream of, a fetish library and a divine fetish shoe collection that would rival the ones of most Mistresses. It was all under the jurisdiction and loving care of the Dungeon Master who kindly loaned us the place. I was very excited with the themes for my drawings that Sardax showed me. I was Alice in the school play when i was 7 and the surreal trippy story has since been a personal favourite, even more so when I fell down my own rabbit hole into the world of Kink. Here are 3 of the ones he made previously with All the works are comissioned for a Japanese Fetish magazine called Goddess Love. We did 8, some as a Dominant Alice and some of her caught in a predicament. I don’t normally switch but I was happy to be drawn as a sub for Sardax. My boundaries are totally relaxed when it comes to creating fine Art. As soon as I recieve them which could take up to 2 months I will post them here for you all to enjoy. If you want your own Mistress to be painted by Sardax he can be commissioned.

So with all my videos, and my Sardax pictures coming out soon and being in American Penthouse this month,one photo not a spread I think I’ve covered all bases. Well nearly ……I have wanted to want to make a ABDL video for a while but hadn’t found the right girl to be my little sweet adult baby girl. Then this weekend at the Brighton Fetish Ball I met an ABDL girl who was precisely what I’m looking for. The perfect mix of kinky naughtiness and innocence sweetly sucking on her dummy. She has my number but hasn’t called yet, I think she’s still out there partying. Little wild child she is for sure. Just my type. …

So I am off to Hong Kong this Wednesday, With Mistress Evelyn Montopolis and Fatal Switch another best friend of mine, us three together are gonna be a proper handful. Triple Trouble In Good old Hong Kong. I’ll make sure to keep you updated with all the scandal.

There will be some for sure.

TTFN Kinksters.

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