Fetish Art

Tribute Me with Art                

The best Dommes I know are Artists. Many of my lovers and Friends are Artists and I respect Artists and their Art way more than Bankers and their money. They have a beautiful soul.  Over the years i have been privileged to have been the subject of some beautiful Fetish Art. If you are an artist tribute me with Art. Whether it’s Photography, music or painting I will appreciate way more than a gift voucher.

The header of this column is of course the work of Sardax.  He is undoubtably The Fetish Artist every Domme wants to pose for, his work is magical and enchanting so  I was thrilled to be chosen by him to pose for an Alice and Wonderland series commissioned by Japanese magazine Goddess Love. I would absolutely love another Sardax artwork. Sponsors contact me to discuss this


Coming soon Artwork by

The Gaunts 

Mick Canterella 

Peter Felix 


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