First Domme in Hong Kong

A Week In Hong Kong

As many of you know I started my career in Hong Kong and yes I was the first Pro Domme to session in Hong Kong.  I stayed there for 15 years before relocating to New York. I return to Hong Kong two or three times a year because  it’s still one of my favourite cities and I have friends and  family as well subs who I still session with after all these years. In this blog I’m going to write about sight seeing , partying, fitness and food in Hong Kong. If you are visiting Hong kong you could do worse than visit some of my my favourite places I mention here.

Monday.  I’m on Detox. No coffee, alcohol, carbs, sugar or processed food. I’m also a vegan full time and never eat meat or dairy. Lots of green juice, salads and exercise are the way forward so I’m up nice and early today for Hot Yoga. I will be packing a lot of exercise into this week as at the end of it I have a Video shoot. I am Domming myself back to my peak physical prime. Green juice – Kale, cucumber, celery, bitter melon, lemon juice and ginger for breakfast. Then half an hour lifting  weights then on to meet Domina M for lunch She’s in town for a week, I liked her site and twitter posts and was interested to meet her. Often if a Dominatrix is in the same town as me, I reach out to here. This is useful for warning  each other about time wasters or dodgy clients, hanging out and having a break from touring aloe and if we get on maybe do a double together. Domina M was cool, we were a similar type, both busty Milfs who had been on the Fetish scene for ages while living the Gypsy Domme lifestyle over three  continents. We swapped tips and tales and will hopefully meet up again in Paris. 

Next I have two sessions back to back. First is an Office role play. I wear my outfit on the way to the session instead of changing onto it when I arrive like I would do for latex. It’s a new hounds tooth dress, tight fitting but extremely business like.  I love the office bitch look.  I feel powerful and  sultry and I attract quite a bit of attention on the way there. The seamed stockings, black pointed stilettos and cat eye spectacles all add to the effect. I’m already in character and anyone eyeing me up is given a cool head to toe appraisal.

The second session is with a Japanese slave I have seen many times. He has an insane nylon tights fetish. He loves to be forced to wear them, tied up with them, have them shoved in his mouth and pulled over his head. He’s a pantyhose maniac. I’d picked up 10 pairs on the way here from a lady in the Lanes where all the all the cheap market stalls are, I won’t buy expensive ones for a session like this, they are all going to be laddered or in too many knots to use again anyway. Two down one to go. ☺ Two is my ideal number of sessions to do a day, I have done 5 on occasions but that’s rare. Two leaves me lots of chill time. I hate rushing about, luckily the last session is a foot session so I can relax.

First of all I devour a kale and tofu salad then go off to a meeting to talk through scenes for my new video. I have a few ideas ideas and we discuss which of them are logistically possible and within budget. We consider locations, scenes, costumes and decide one of me eating sushi and sashimi laid out Japanese style over a naked slave girl is what we will do. Of course the sushi will be vegan, they have it here and it’s divine. We hoose the date and I message one of my favourite client offers to book a gorgeous hotel room for us to session in which I can use afterwards to film in. It’s not a clip it’s a youtube fetish Art video so as I’m not selling it it’s good to keep costs down but getting slaves to chip in.

I return to my hotel and see my foot slave relaxing as he pleasures my feet. I love Foot Fetish especially after a busy day on my feet. Room service and crash out.

Tuesday  No yoga today, hiked up the morning trail of the Peak, the mountain in the middle of Hong Kong island. When I lived here I used to come up here with my pugs at least twice a week. It’s a sanctuary from the bustling megacity.

Todays session was a long one, 4 hours, and my resolve of no alcohol nearly crumbled as the sissy pilot had brought had 3 bottles of champagne. I do find it hard to say no to bubbles but I did it. Yay! Still on track. Then I went to meet The Gaunts. They are a highly successful husband and wife photography team and as a sideline to their commercial photography they create artistic fetish and nude art. I love collaborating with them their work is amazing and they are so much fun to shoot with. They shot me the last time I was in HK and we were discussing another possible concept they might want me to model for. They gave me these two prints from the last shoot. I love what they have done to me in post production work. I look like a manga character.

Wednesday. Bikram yoga is not for pussies. If you imagine yoga to be gentle stretching think again, It’s the hardest, thing I do when training and I train bloody hard! You sweat buckets too, all those toxins pump out of your body, anyone with a sweat or smell fetish would be in heaven in there. Straight after that I did Body pump at the gym then over to my Pedicure lady .

She does the best walk in pedicures in the fastest time so even though I don’t really like her I keep going back. She’s rude, bossy and a  gossip and always overcharges. She would make a successful Dominatrix but the universe tricked her into being at at people’s feet instead of the other way round and that’s why she is moody I guess. I switch off as she chats away in Mandarin, probably about me. Whatever. I just need gorgeous feet. I chose deep purple coloured nail polish in preparation for another foot worship session that afternoon. After the mornings tough workout a foot slave was just what I needed. I deserve it and adore it. My feet love being pampered and played with. Being a Foot Goddess is just awesome. I cannot imagine a more heavenly way to make a living.

After that I did a phone consult for a couple who wanted to see me, I always insist on speaking to both parties before I even discuss a double session. One, to make sure she actually exists and I am not giving some dude a free phone session while he gets off. Freeloading time wasters are the crosses Dommes bear. They should be compulsorily castrated. The second reason is to check she is cool with the scenario. I won’t do it if she seems dubious in anyway. I have turned down quite a few sessions because I felt that the female was being pressured into it. For it to be an enjoyable scene everyone playing has to be totally consenting.

Later on I did another skype session, hypnosis on a guy from Chicago. If foot worship is the most leisurely way to session, then hypnosis is the most challenging. Obviously it’s completely mental. To control someone else’s mind you have to control your own. Complete focus is required even if the session is just a hypnosis role play. You need to tune into the mind of your sub and feel connected to each other. He was very pleased with the session. Think my crisp British accent sealed the deal. I could have done a session that night but he hadn’t made an appointment and I was already in chill out mode. I understand the need to play sometimes arises spontaneously but the more notice you give your Mistress the more she will appreciate it and the more likely you are to get an unrushed well organised session. I always wonder where those clowns are coming from when I see a text at 2am asking if I’m available. Do they think we Dommes stay up all night waiting for sessions? Boots and strap on next to us, ready to rush out when they call

Thursday Today I hiked Mount Steinhouse on Lamma island. It’s a 5 hour Hike and one the toughest in HK. The trail went through the jungle at some points, and disappeared at others so we had to hang on the trees to avoid sliding or falling down the mountain. One of the things I love about HK is that beaches and mountains are in such easy reach from the city. I am totally a city girl but I love escaping to nature to recharge.

My old Hong Kong personal Frenchy Dog was a good all round slave. He was a certified masseur, great at DIY, he would join in on sessions if required and trot over the border to China to pick up merchandise I had ordered. He did pretty much anything I commanded him to do really which it is exactly what you want in a sub. Too many of them have nothing to offer or are thinking about what THEY want rather than how they can serve When I left HK he was left with uncollared, a stray dog sniffing about  with no purpose Then he got onto the scent of another Western lady on the fetish scene In HK. He was trying to persuade her to give him a trial. She called for my opinion so we had a nice little meeting in a lovely hotel overlooking the South China Sea. She decided to  accept him on a temporary basis. It was  a most civilised bit of human trafficking on a Sunday afternoon. After that I went back home and did a skype session with a cute French adult baby, looked at few things on Amazon for my video then had an early night in preparation for the hectic days ahead.

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