StepMother Seductress

Whatever Stepmother wants, Stepmother gets

Summer of Lust

A bedtime story

Zak is home from Uni, spending Summer at his Fathers house with his new StepMother.

It’s the first time he’s staying alone with her & he’s a little nervous. She is a Red headed Femme Fatale with long legs, large milky breasts & luscious lips. Her Jade green eyes seem to devour everything they look at, as she prowls around  acting like she owns the house. Who knows maybe she does now. She radiates sex & power & she knows it.

She’s certainly not as sweet as when she first met his Father. Before the whirlwind that saw them married in three months. Crazy really as she is 20 years  younger & they have little in common. Except his money.

She is a prolific spender. Cars, jewellery,  designer clothes, shoes, handbags. Parcels arrive everyday, sometimes she doesn’t even open them. She also spent a fortune revamping the house. Gave Fathers traditional furniture to charity & laid white carpet throughout. She  has  installed massive mirrors & chandeliers in every room,  bought Art & what She calls statement piece & even installed a gym.  Zak hopes she won’t spend all of his inheritance



His once Alpha Father has always been strict with him but he is putty in her hands & lets her do & spend as she pleases.  She has even put him on a Vegan diet & has him doing yoga every morning.

Every morning  he’s  home that is. Father seems to be working really hard & away an awful lot. Maybe to pay for all her spending. He’s gone for most of the  Summer & She wants to discuss this over dinner that night.

Dinner is candlelit, soft music, chilled Champagne & boxes of food delivered from an expensive restaurant. StepMother doesn’t cook.  She’s wearing a clingy, low cut leopard print dress,  strong perfume & heavy make up. He can’t decide if she looks like a high class slut. He feels a little uncomfortable & doesn’t know where to look. It’s hard not to stare at her. If she wasn’t his StepMother he would be having indecent thoughts. 

They sit down & She pours the champagne & informs him  while his Father is away it’s his duty to step up & be the man of the house. She has some suggestions to help make him the best man he can be. She also wants to go over her house rules. Would he like to hear them? Do I even  have a choice he thinks.



Firstly she says she wants to raise his allowance. BUT she needs him to help  her with a few chores in exchange. If he agrees to this she will make a timetable for him & double his money. Zac is grateful. Father is notoriously stingy, apart from with her. He could do with some extra cash.

Secondly she & his Father discussed it & decided they don’t want him dating & partying this Summer. He must focus on his studies.  Zak is handsome & athletic but lacks confidence. Apart from a few drunken fumblings,  he’s totally inexperienced with women. He is hoping he might lose his Virginity soon but now with StepMother about that seems pretty unlikely. 

The third thing is Porn is totally forbidden under her roof. Her roof? He has lived there since he was a baby! “I know you are at the age where your hormones are raging & you are curious but trust me on this. Porn is poison & can lead to addiction.  Zak feels himself going beetroot. He watches porn occasionally.  What boy doesn’t? Meekly he agrees never to  watch it & hears himself saying he finds it disgusting & degrading to women. She stands up, calls him a good boy & kisses the top of his head. He can feel her swollen breasts pushing into his face, his lips are brushing against her cleavage & he can smell the scent of her skin mingled with  her perfume. Inappropriately he feels himself stiffen. He is turned on & mortified at the same time.  Living with StepMother is going to be challenging. 

The last thing she says is she wants him to call her Mummy. Him using her own name doesn’t feel right. He feels it’s ridiculous at his age but finds it easier to just agree with her.. Yes Mummy, I can do that.

Mummy has made the timetable. Zak sees Sunday morning, Monday & Wednesday evening are marked free period. The rest are filled in. 

Every morning there is yoga together or gym. Then dog walking. StepMother has lots of rescued dogs, Six so far who also seem to do exactly as they please & pee all over her white carpet. One of the boxes is marked with carpet cleaning.

Other boxes are marked –  Study – Ebay – Cooking.  Massage class – The Girls ( my friends) – The Boys (your friends) – Male grooming – Male etiquttte.  Zak feels a little nervous.  It seems like the whole Summer is mapped out for him. He wonders if he should call his Father but he knows he will side with StepMother. He resigns himself to it. Things could be worse.  although she is a very bossy  domineering woman, She is gorgeous, intriguing & can be lots of fun as long as She gets her own way. What’s the worst that could happen?



To be continued…