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Throughout life the male species has one true passion. His penis. No matter how fervently  he declares undying devotion to a Woman, truth is his beloved penis is what he will strive to keep happy and fulfilled for as long as they both shall live.

So what could possess a male to hand over the keys of his favourite toy to a Dominatrix and let her determine when,  if at all, he gets permission to play with it?  To give her control of his precious orgasms is truly submission and proof of his trust in his Mistress and maybe there is something in it for him too. 

Chastity is one of my favourite fetishes. Forcing you into a chastity cage then padlocking it, popping the key into my bra then teasing and tormenting without mercy some times after viagra. Or even better going into long term chastity for me. Setting targets and counting off days, months, years. This is true servitude and devotion and only for the most loyal slaves.

But back to the Why.  Unless you are a true sub and want to surrender truly to me to prove yourself then what are the benefits of  having your cock in a padlocked cage?  Many see chastity as a trap, a prison or a punishment but chastity is so much more than that and highly beneficial for several reasons. Keep reading to discover how male chastity may benefit your life.


This reason is the most honourable, A slave may wish to totally devote himself to his Mistress accepting her superior judgement and that she knows what is best for him. Another reason is a slave in the presence of his Mistress will invariably be aroused. This causes the blood flow to leave his brain and be directed to the penis until it is engorged and erect. The lack of blood to the brain combined with the distraction of the erection render him unable to function properly and thus useless. Chastity prevents erections and enables the male to remain respectful and focus on what is important – his Mistress. She will decide when if at all he deserves rewarding by being allowed to pleasure himself. She will also decide how long this will take and if he will be allowed to climax.


When males become fixated on deviance and desire they can become addicted to pleasuring their own penis. This causes them to lose focus and waste excessive time incessantly masturbating. This obviously causes problems especially if the male has a Mistress who obviously expects to be priority. If the male attempts to moderate they suffer from the constant nagging ache of desire whilst being plagued by up to 100 pesky erections per day. The hankering urges become stronger until the male gives in. He is trapped and in effect, a slave to lust. The solution is Chastity. Chastity is freedom from the demands of testosterone and being a slave to your greedy libido. Going into chastity for a few days or a week or so will allow you the space to think clearly, be productive and become a useful member of society instead of a self centered wankaholic.


This is the main reason most cocks are locked and usually only for art of the session. Being locked even if only for a short time is the ultimate tease for some subs. At the beginning of the session the slave goes straight into a chastity device and is released some time between halfway and the end. Being locked can be frustrating and the biggest turn on at the same time. Upon release this can lead to mind blowing orgasms if they are allowed. On a more serious note some males find they are no longer able to have a fulfilling orgasm. As soon as they cum they feel dissatisfied and need to start stroking again.  The other side of the coin is they get caught in the obsessive compulsive edging trap, watching porn and masturbating for hours without release.  A long locked break is the best thing then going back to basics will lead to more gratification.  


Some unlocked males feel so entitled to their own selfish satisfaction they don’t consider the feelings of others. Empathy goes out of the window and they are determined to get their rocks off one way or another. This can spiral out of control leading to males becoming highly emotional often acting unreasonably or irrationally. Worse case scenario is they become deranged with desire and endanger themselves or others.


The final reason for chastity is as a punishment for whatever he has done to displease Mistress

Chastity is most definitely the way forward. Even if chastity is only for the duration of the session it is highly beneficial. I respect males who request chastity before I suggest or enforce it. Chastity devices can be fitted a few hours or days before a session for maximum benefit or ultimately long term with regular checks.

Orgasm Control

Chastity, orgasm control and ruined orgasms go hand in hand.

Jerk Off Instruction & Edging 

Masturbation is healthy but males are often too goal orientated, forget it’s about the journey not the destination and are in too much of a hurry to take their time to satisfy themselves properly.  This can cause premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and an inability to achieve a satisfactory orgasm. Worst case scenario sees them caught in an obsessive compulsive masturbation trap which is an extreme waste of time. Mistress will take charge and coach you in exactly how to satisfy yourself, instruct you in tantric breathing and how to pleasure yourself mindfully and sensually. Basically I will teach you how to edge, control how often and for how long.  Like chastity, orgasm control is excellent for focusing and controlling the toxic male Ego.

Ruined Orgasms

Males should not feel entitled to climax when they meet with Mistress as if it’s their Goddess Given right.  Ruined orgasms keep the sub aware that coming is a reward and a privilege and not to be an expectation every session


I’m adding this last column at the time of Corona virus. I have always offered long distance chastity but right now this is even more important with males having so much free time on their hands.  With the challenges we face today not being able to arrange actual face to face meet ups to unlock the device, I am interested in putting subs into the Cellmate –  a Next Level Chastity Device. It’s app based so I can control your pathetic penis through my phone. What an excellent invention. This does away with the worry of emergencies and lost keys. I am including a link for this at House of Denial, which has the best selection of chastity devices in the world. They are operating through the Lockdown, so you can be nice and securely locked up for lockdown! It will definitely make you use this free time more productively instead of using it as an excuse to wank more of your life away. Contact Me to enjoy this benefit and we will get you locked and checking in to me ASAP. Buy one here

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