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Although I do say so myself

Before you contact me though, I need you to read this guide properly. Remember fools rush in. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Use it wisely. Like all successful Dommes I get literally hundreds of enquiries each week, a good percentage of these go straight into my trash or become a blocked number on my phone. Many of these rejects are pathetic timewasters but I think some are just confused by the array of different platforms on which I can be contacted. As well as what’s acceptable and what’s not. So whether you’re a shy newbie who has just realized that your vanilla lifestyle is not quite cutting it or an old timer who’s been knocking about on the scene since Mistresses were in contact magazines, it will benefit you to read this. You will definitely gain brownie points by using the correct etiquette when contacting me.


In this cyber era it’s totally possible to find the perfect fetish match. Back in the day, a Mistress was a Mistress who whipped you as hard as she bloody well could, then pissed on you if you’d been a good boy. You liked it or lumped it. Now there are 50,000 shades of filth out there and you can find exactly what you want if you do your research. Before you even consider connecting with me it’s imperative you study my website. Don’t just perv at my pictures and videos. Have a good read through and make sure you think we will be compatible. Every Domme is different. Slaves have limits. We do too. Read my session page and what I’m into, what skills I excel in and what I don’t do. If I say I don’t do it, don’t think I will make an exception for you. Check the tribute page to see if a session with me is within your budget then and only then may you approach me.


The best and most convenient way is email. A simple introduction with a little bit about yourself, fetish experience, the date and place you would like to session, what you are into and how long you wish to session for is enough. If you have a Domme who will provide a reference (most Dommes are cool with this) it will confirm your credibility and is especially valuable when I am on tour.


Please do not ramble on. I don’t need your autobiography or a minute by minute session plan. As for those clowns who send clips for me to watch. “To give an idea of how the session might go” No Dominatrix worth her salt has time to watch them. Sounds harsh but I did not become a Dominatrix to do a desk job. I already spend about 2 hours a day on admin answering emails, whatsapps texts and tweets. So keep it short and sweet kinksters. This following email contains everything I need to know in an initial approach:

Dear Kountess Von Kink,

I have been a fan of yours for a long while but we have never been in the same place at the same time. I am visiting Hong Kong next week and am delighted to see that according to your website you are also there. I arrive Tuesday the 14th and leave on Friday. I am available Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday any time after 7pm. I will be staying at the Mandarin hotel and could see you there or at your place if you prefer. I am Indian, 29 years old, have sessioned with mistressmagnum.com in Montreal and with kokodesire.com in London who have given me permission to name them if you would like a reference.

I am interested in an office roleplay including face slapping, foot worship, golden showers, smoking and maybe some breath play although I have never tried this before and am slightly hesitant. I adore seamed stockings, beautifully pedicured feet and high heels. I would very much appreciate if you could wear a business suit. Power dressing makes me go weak at the knees. I have watched your foot/smoking video in which you are wearing such an outfit literally hundreds of times. Please advise if you are available. I would like to session for two hours. Thank you in advance for reading this. Looking forward to hearing from you Mistress.

DO CONFIRM once you have been given an appointment

it’s a good idea to confirm a day or two before as well as when you land if you are flying in then again on the day a few hours ahead of your session.

DON”T KEEP EMAILING once you have been given an appointment

Specific questions are fine. Please keep these all on one thread whenever possible. 5 to 10 emails before we meet is normal. A plethora of emails is not. My email is not a forum. If you have many questions about what will happen in your session or want to chat and get to know me then please see the next paragraph.


I understand some of you have many questions or love the build up to play and would like to discuss the upcoming session. The hourly rate quoted is for session time not for pages and pages of correspondence. If you want to engage in pre session chat this is possible starting from £50 per week. This is also available for slaves who are unable to meet for real time sessions. I also do skype and phone chat at £50 per 20 minutes. Payable by Amazon gift vouchers.


I much prefer advance bookings, it gives me more time to plan and prepare. I do understand though sometimes the urge for kink is a spontaneous thing or an unforeseen window of opportunity arises. On occasion I accept short notice appointments. As time is of the essence in these situations, a whatsapp or text is acceptable. Don’t expect an immediate reply and again keep the whatsapps brief. That doesn’t mean start your whatsapp with “Hi” or even worse“Hi babe!” Seriously? Do respect the natural hierarchy if you expect me to reply. Sounds obvious but this happens a lot. Include the same information that I need in an email.


You are not my Mum or my boyfriend. Unknown facetimers will be instantly blocked.


Again phone calls are appropriate when it’s a short notice session. It’s a good idea to text/whatsapp first to see if I’m free to speak. Make sure you sound professional and respectful. Not horny and sleazy. I can detect within seconds if you are masturbating and yes that’s another blockable offence. Don’t call drunk from a bar or any noisy place. Don’t put me on loudspeaker. Check what time it is where I am and call between 10am and 8pm.


If you feel that my tribute is high, consider this reflects my experience, abilities and also my costs, equipment, wardrobe and playspace as well as flights and accommodation if I am touring. Although your session is only an hour long there is travel time, hair, makeup, nails and dressing time as well as session preparation. Others, especially local Mistresses may quote lower prices. If they are more suited to your budget then please contact them rather than me.


Some mistresses require a tribute before they even read your email. Many require a deposit for all sessions. With all my years of experience I am pretty good at deciding who is genuine so I don’t always insist on this. Sessions I do require a deposit for are:

  • · Sessions where I am traveling especially to see you.
  • · Sessions over 2 hours.
  • · Sessions that are often cancelled such as forced bi or sessions with your partner.
  • · Sessions with another Dominatrix or Sub
  • · If you have ever cancelled on the same day
  • · If you have ever been a no show I require the full tribute up front

If you are sure about your dates and happy to pay a deposit then you can offer this in your initial email. This will demonstrate your reliability and also guarantee your session.

This wasn’t the most exciting thing for me to write but it had to be done and I hope it clarifies protocol. The alternative is having a form to fill in on my website and insisting on deposits for every session which is frankly a bit of a bore. Being a Dominatrix is a fabulous vocation but the cross to bare are the bloody timewasters.

Freeloading losers, who try to pilfer Mistresses valuable time. Make sure you don’t lumped in with this scum. I look forward to your well written email.

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